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Tuesday 10 Apr 2018


On 10 April 1968, the Lyttelton to Wellington ferry Wahine sank. During one of the worst storms recorded in New Zealand's history, the ferry hit Barrett Reef at the entrance to Wellington Harbour. Fifty-one people lost their lives that day, another died several weeks later and a 53rd victim died in 1990 from injuries sustained in the wreck.

The Wahine passengers sang as they waited to abandon ship and as they floated to the coast in their life rafts.

Join the Orpheus Choir at the waterfront to commemorate 50 years since the disaster and to thank the very many people who, in the face of dangerous conditions, risked their lives to rescue and support the 683 surviving passengers and crew from the Wahine.

This is one of a number of events of Wahine 50 organised by Wahine 50 Charitable Trust.  To find out about them all visit